Update on Iraqi Relief Effort

Posted on 3/16/2015 by RUN Ministries

Camp #8 is up and caring for refugees that had been living in an open field for months. We are so grateful to be able to provide shelter, provisions and hope for them. We are making progress in establishing new villages of hope where families can settle in more permanent housing, with provisions, seeds and the tools to start a small business. Please be in prayer for them as they begin to start over.

Back in August, news broke that Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities were literally trapped on Mt. Sinjar, a place most of us had never heard of, with no food or water. These persecuted Iraqis were fleeing possible genocide at the hands of ISIS terrorists. As the world watched, a new and horrifying "normal" began to unfold.

Collectively and individually, Americans have something that wells up inside us. A sense of compassion and caring pushes us to rush to the aid of others. It is part of our national fiber and patriotic duty to feed, clothe and protect those facing seemingly unbeatable odds.

Over the past seven months, friends like you have saved the lives of more than 150,000 Iraqi refugees. They are men, women and children who lost everything, including loved ones, to ISIS evil.

Our first message to you on August 12 was met with overwhelming support. But every day since, my staff and I have stood in awe of this amazing outpouring of generosity.  On behalf of those who desperately need our help, we thank you.

I want you to savor the thought that you have helped provide food, water, medicine, blankets, tents, protection and other essentials to people who have nowhere to go with nothing but the clothes on their backs. You saved lives, families and communities from death and complete destruction.

In an effort to move people from the camps so that we can accept others, RUN is launching an aggressive initiative to build, plant and grow new communities of faith and love right in the midst of this evil. These "Villages of Hope" will be lights in the midst of darkness. A RUN village will provide 350 people with a safe, permanent shelter, food, seeds for a garden, and a small, sustainable business. Our prayer is that many will find peace, caring and refuge in these beacons of hope.

The cost to establish a Village of Hope for 350 people is approximately $25,000 each,