RUN's micro-business projects are about bringing hope and ending poverty – but in a completely different way.  Built on the highest levels of personal trust, RUN provides a unique possibility for real transformation in the developing world as families and communities grow from poverty to empowerment - a productive piece in the puzzle of positive world-transformation.  

There are numerous global organizations that provide charitable resources to the developing world. Yet, the result of a strategy that leads with money is mixed.  Many people are given assistance, but over time an entitlement mentality creeps in and creativity is often stifled.  With over 20 years working in the developing world our experience has confirmed research that long-term sustainability comes through opportunity and accountability rather than through an open-ended handout.  Wherever RUN's micro-business effort is at work it will help bring to an end a mentality of dependency, introduce the ideas of personal social responsibility, financial transparency and intentionality, and provide an unprecedented peer-to-peer economic engine. 

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