The Nepali Rescue Project began as a collaborative initiative between two friends deeply committed to provide hope and justice amidst the greatest social evil of our time. Today it is a growing partnership with many organizations, churches, and individuals working together to rescue more than 20,000 girls every year.

Through interdiction, counseling, safe houses, rehabilitation, skills training and awareness, The Nepali Rescue Project provides Nepali girls an opportunity to find dignity and hope in their lives.  Current activity includes interdiction and counseling at 11 international border crossings, residential safe houses, emotional & spiritual restoration and job/skills training, literacy programs and micro-enterprise development to girls who have been deceived and coerced into human trafficking.

For more information or to become involved in this rescue effort please to contact us.



For more than 20 years the primary effort of RUN Ministries in expanding the kingdom of God among unreached people has been training and equipping 1st generation Christian leaders to grow and multiply house churches.

The core of this training centers on 3-4 day intense seminars that focus on obedience-based discipleship, Biblical leadership and practical training. A leadership mentoring structure is then put in place to help rapidly multiply the training and provide ongoing equipping through Through the use of contextualized media, training videos, books and digitally-delivered daily insight devotionals.

To date RUN Ministries has been privileged to train and equip more than 2 million first generation Christian leaders in the 10/40 Window.



RUN is committed to bringing hope and dignity to those whose lives have been ravaged by spiritual darkness, governmental and religious oppression and economic poverty. RUN helps build long-term sustainable enterprises that financially undergird and stabilize the work being done among unreached people.

Through a process of selection, training, mentoring and capitalization, RUN chooses leaders, helps them design their business plans and sources funding so that work can begin. As the business grows RUN provides ongoing mentoring to insure their kingdom fruitfulness and financial success..